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TvZ: Cyclone moi la souris…

Un éclairage sur un TvZ en mode greedy. Nathanias est un Yankee, venu de North America. Il est plus connu pour ses revues déjantées de games que pour ses skills de player. Cependant, ne te méprends, il te mettera la fessée sans problème.

Aujourd’hui, je te mets le menu special frite-coca sans glace, avec:

Prise de Fast xpand sur map à 4 points de spawn avec pression Hellion suivi de Push B3 hellion / liberator / Cyclone..

Mais si Cyclone, la nouvelle unit LOTV que tu ne vois jamais car elle est comme ton appli pour les abdos, elle ne te sert à rien..

Attends, je t’ai pas dit, le tout sur le ladder Korean.
Tu pourras y apprendre:

• Comment gérer la greedy fast expand avec Zerg
• Mettre la pression en poursuivant ta macro
• Faire un gros timing push des fôrets à 8’40 avec une pop à 170


Specification Tech. Cyclone (source:
The Cyclone is a fast moving and firing support unit produced from the Factory with an attached Tech Lab. Has high damage output that is ideal against aerial units or high health units like Roaches or Stalkers before Blink has finished. In the early game this unit is often seen defending alongside Missile Turrets and Marines or raiding a greedy enemy’s extra bases with Hellions. It was added in the Legacy of the Void Early Beta.

Competitive use of Cyclone unit:

Cyclone uses Lock On:
  • Off of a ReactoredMarine opening, Cyclones can guard the natural expansion or push with Marines to take down Spine Crawlers or Photon Cannons from a safe distance; this is sometimes done with a Bunker rush.
  • When opening with Hellions, Cyclones can deal with Armored-units quickly to control the map and stop pushes and pressure from the ground before they can reach the opposing base.
  • Against Roach/Ravager or Stalker heavy openings these Armored-units are mass-produced, this can be punished at the opponent’s base with Siege Tanks and Medivac combo, or Cyclones to control air space of your base more; or for map control.


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